Wordless Wednesday: Archer

I have several blogger friends who do wordless wednesday posts. If you’re not familiar with the concept here’s how it works. On Wednesdays, bloggers post a fun photo. Typically, the post contains no words, no description, just the title and the photo!

I’m going to start doing wordless Wednesday posts. If I have any really fun training photos, I’ll post them. But, most weeks I’m planning to feature some of the rescue animals I work with. I work with the dogs and cats at the Denton Animal Shelter and also with rescue horses at Never-E-Nuff Acres Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. These posts won’t be completely wordless. Sometimes I’ll cheat and include a short description or some information about the animal.

Archer, an adoptable cat at the Denton Animal Shelter

This week’s adoptable pet is Archer. He’s a gorgeous Russian blue who’s available for adoption at the Denton Animal Shelter starting today. This handsome young man is also quite a sweetheart. He had a great time playing with us yesterday when we let him out for some play time. Hopefully he’ll find a great new home this week!

Note: Please feel free to link to my wordless Wednesday posts or share them on facebook, especially if you live in Texas or have friends in north Texas who might be interested in these animals.

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