Rats on the move

I posted this picture on facebook earlier this week and it got lots of comments and likes, so I decided that it was too cute not to share here as well.

My rats are staying at my parent’s house while I move into a new apartment (and they were also here during my trip to Seattle). Last week, during the drive to my parent’s house, they demonstrated the full power of rat teeth. Annoyed about being shut in a cardboard box for the car ride, they started to gnaw their way out! Luckily, we made it safely back to Dallas without any escapees.

Isabella the rat sticking her head out of a cardboard box

The rats had a fun long weekend at my parent’s house while I was out of town. My parents fed them lots of fresh veggies and plenty of treats. The rats have a new favorite treat that we’ve recently discovered– banana nut Cheerios. Yum!

I went to the pet store yesterday and bought a proper carrier for them. So, hopefully, we’ll have no more car rides with rats trying to escape.

So far, I really like the new carrier I bought. The bottom is a hard plastic and the top is wire mesh. The wire mesh is great because it will be easy for me to keep an eye on them and it will be very hard for them to chew holes through. The bottom plastic piece attaches in such a way that it should be difficult for them to chew on it. When I take them places in it, I’ll line the bottom with several towels to make them more comfortable. After I use the carrier a few more times, I’ll report back regarding how the rats and I like it.

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