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Clicker training in the news!

Many of you who read my blog have probably heard of ORCA (The Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals). ORCA is a graduate student organization in the department of behavior analysis at the University of North Texas. It conducts projects and research on animal behavior and training and also organizes and hosts the yearly Art […]

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Back to School (Hooray!)

Last week was my first week back to school for the spring semester. As some of you know, I’m currently working on a master’s in behavior analysis at the University of North Texas. If you don’t know much about behavior analysis, I’d encourage you to check out the post that I wrote last year about […]

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Training is More Fun with Friends!

I was playing with the style and layout of the blog yesterday evening. Please let me know if anything doesn’t seem to be displaying correctly!!! I changed themes–the old one had too many things broken and was going to be too much of a pain to fix. I’m also planning to start getting back in […]

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Mountain Coatis and Training Mechanics

Mountain Coatis and Training Mechanics

I played just a bit this afternoon with the Mountain Coati at the Heard Museum. Coatis, which are close relatives of the raccoon, are found in South America and some parts of South Texas. This coati was a gregarious, agreeable sort of fellow, similar to most raccoons that I’ve met. We mainly worked on a […]

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Training a 35 Pound Rodent? Oh My!

Training a 35 Pound Rodent? Oh My!

I’ve started volunteering at the Heard Museum with ORCA (a lab in UNT’s behavior analysis department that focuses on animal training).  One of the species we worked with on my first trip to the Heard was the Patagonian cavy, a 35 pound  South American rodent. I’ll admit, before going out there, I really had no […]

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