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Henry on the couch

Henry finds a home

I’ve posted several times over the past few months about Henry, my cute little 12 pound foster dog. When I first started fostering Henry in February, he had quite a few behavior issues. He was very fearful around strangers and would bark and growl at new people. Henry would also growl and start fights if […]

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Henry and his new toy

Henry’s new trick: Shake (video)

My little foster dog has learned a new trick — to shake someone’s hand! Although we’ve been working a lot on basic obedience skills and helping him learn to be more friendly around new people, this is his first real trick behavior. Although, it’s so important to remember, that from the animal’s perspective, it’s really […]

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Wordless Wednesday: New friends (part 2)

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday Henry, my little foster dog, has been working on making new friends.  Here’s a great photo I captured of Henry and Emily. Henry met Emily at the end of last week and warmed up to her pretty fast! Right before I took this photo, He jumped up into her lap to get some […]

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Henry and his new toy

Henry learns to lie down (video)

In addition to making new friends, Henry and I have been working on basic obedience behaviors, including sit, down, eye contact, come, go to bed (go into his crate), and more. Henry’s a fast learner and seems to enjoy the training! This past week, we started working on down. This actually was very difficult for […]

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Henry and Regan

Henry makes a new friend

I recently wrote about Henry, the little Chihuahua mix that has been staying with me. Henry’s been with me about a week and a half now and he’s gotten much more comfortable with my apartment and our daily routine. We’ve even started working on a handful of basic behaviors, including sit, down, come, and eye […]

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