Henry finds a home

Henry on the couchI’ve posted several times over the past few months about Henry, my cute little 12 pound foster dog. When I first started fostering Henry in February, he had quite a few behavior issues. He was very fearful around strangers and would bark and growl at new people. Henry would also growl and start fights if he was getting attention and another dog walked up.

Well, Henry’s made a lot of progress in the time he’s been with me. He is much more confident and relaxed when meeting new people and has learned how to behave appropriately when other dogs are around. He also learned a handful of basic obedience skills (including down) and tricks (including shake).

This past week, Henry went on a pre-adoption trial for several days with a couple in Plano. They loved him and decided to finalize the adoption. I think it will be the perfect home for little Henry. They have a nice big yard where he can run around, they are semi-retired so they will have plenty of time to spend with him and they enjoy going on long walks, so he will get plenty of exercise.

It’s been fun having Henry around, so I was a bit sad to see him go. However, I’m thrilled that he has found an awesome home.

In other news, I’ll be heading to Chicago on Thursday for the annual convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International. I’m really excited and will post more later on about my trip. I’ll be helping lead a six-hour workshop on shaping and will also be presenting the research from my Master’s thesis.

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