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blossom mailbox 2

Blossom’s recycling day ride

This summer I’ve been working quite a bit with a young horse at the rescue named Blossom. We went slowly last summer when we started Blossom with her training for riding, giving her time to learn to be relaxed and confident while being ridden. Too many trainers rush at the beginning when riding young horses […]

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Riding Tex the Pony

A New Start for Summer

The end of the semester was a whirlwind of activity both at school and at the rescue! School is out for the summer now, so I have more time for blogging and for playing with the ponies. My plan for the summer is posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also have notes from several […]

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Meghan’s First Ride on Tex

We had a great day playing with the horses on Saturday. Meghan got to ride Tex for a little while and they both did great! She is hopefully going to adopt him at the end of the school year. Tex has had about a dozen rides at this point, most of them bareback. However, I’ve […]

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Connor’s Second Short Ride (with video)

Here’ a short clip of Connor’s second ride, from last weekend. At this point, we’ve only walked around bareback in the round pen, so I’m still not entirely sure how much previous training he had before coming to the rescue. I think he must have had a fair amount of training at some point. He […]

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Connor, a good looking palomino gelding

Connor Goes for a Second Ride

I rode Connor, our good looking palomino, for a second time over the weekend. He did really nicely, a lot better than last Thursday. Several of you have asked for more details about what I’ve been doing with him. I have two longer posts I’m working on, one about some of the specific exercises I’ve […]

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