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Are you "training with a clicker?"

Are you “training with a clicker?”

Someone recently started a discussion on one of the horse clicker training yahoo groups about “clicker training” versus “training with a clicker.” Since I just posted an article about “What is clicker training?” I thought this discussion of “who is a clicker trainer?” was quite timely! So, what’s the difference? Some clicker trainers claim that […]

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What is clicker training? Read this article to learn all about this positive reinforcement based method for training dogs, horses, and other animals.

What is clicker training?

Have you heard about clicker training? Clicker training is one of the fastest growing training methods because people who try clicker training find that their animals love it. Clicker training is a reward based training system that uses a special signal to tell the animal “Yes! That’s right!” In this article, you’ll learn all about […]

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