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In this section, you’ll find articles about important concepts and terms related to the science of animal training and animal behavior. If you’re new to positive animal training, I recommend starting with the articles in my Top Posts section.

ClickerExpo - Train better

Thinking about lateral thinking

During the 2017 Stamford ClickerExpo I attended a session by Terry Ryan on lateral thinking. The session was called: “When nothing is working: Lateral thinking for dog trainers.” This session included demonstrations, drills and discussions to help the audience practice thinking about things in new ways. At the beginning of the session, Terry emphasized that […]

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Siman - revising errors

Sunday Science: What skills are missing?

Science Sunday posts are short posts about the science of animal behavior and training. They often feature a quote or a passage of text. Spend a moment today thinking about the ideas in the post. As always, you can share your thoughts or questions in the comments section. I was looking back through Murray Sidman’s […]

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