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trixie left side

Trixie and the Parelli Figure-Eight Pattern

Trixie is a great little rescued pony mare who I have been playing with for almost two weeks. She is part Saddlebred and part pony, although she definitely has that pony attitude! (She is currently available for adoption from Never-E-Nuff Acres.) Trixie is friendly, smart and quite food motivated, but can also be pushy and […]

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Teaching the Parelli Friendly Game with Clicker Training (video)

I’m no longer a fan of many of the teachings of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. However, many of the program’s ground exercises offer a good foundation for the young horse, especially if they are adapted with clicker training to reduce/eliminate the amount of negative reinforcement used during teaching. The Parelli friendly game is essentially […]

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