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Are you "training with a clicker?"

Are you “training with a clicker?”

Someone recently started a discussion on one of the horse clicker training yahoo groups about “clicker training” versus “training with a clicker.” Since I just posted an article about “What is clicker training?” I thought this discussion of “who is a clicker trainer?” was quite timely! So, what’s the difference? Some clicker trainers claim that […]

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luna the pony

Conversations and Two Happy Ponies

I’m in Houston this weekend to audit a clinic with horse clicker trainer Alexandra Kurland. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to one of Alexandra’s clinics, so I’m excited. I’m sure it will be an action packed weekend with lots of good clicker training conversations and demonstrations. I’ll be sure to post my thoughts and […]

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Does your horse "have to?"

Does your horse “have to?”

Many traditional training methods rely on force and pressure. The animal has little choice and if the animal does not perform a command, the trainer asserts her leadership and shows the animal who’s the boss. Clicker training and other positive training methods try to give the horse a voice and a choice. I want my […]

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Connor’s Second Short Ride (with video)

Here’ a short clip of Connor’s second ride, from last weekend. At this point, we’ve only walked around bareback in the round pen, so I’m still not entirely sure how much previous training he had before coming to the rescue. I think he must have had a fair amount of training at some point. He […]

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Is that camera edible?

Halter Training Success with Daisy and Gatsby

Daisy and Gatsby, the two new horses we recently brought over to the rescue’s main property, had their first session wearing halters yesterday. (You can read more about Daisy and Gatsby, and our adventures trailer loading two not halter trained horses in this post.) I worked with both of them together for about an hour […]

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