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walking with the horses

A Sunday Walk in March

We had several volunteers on Sunday, so we took five of the horses on a walk down the road. The weather was absolutely lovely and the walk was a lot of fun for both humans and horses! Walking can be very beneficial for horse and human. It’s great exercise and it also helps younger horses […]

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Playful Horses and Upcoming Posts

I’ll be finishing up my posts from the ORCA Art and Science of Animal Training Conference this week. (About time!, you’re probably saying.) Figure I need to get them wrapped up, as I’ll be attending ClickerExpo in Lexington in about 2 weeks and, well, I should have plenty to write about that! The weather here […]

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Horses Are For Riding? (sometimes!)

Horses Are For Riding? (sometimes!)

I spend a lot of time on the ground these days. Not because I’m getting bucked off, but because I choose to. As I’ve explored different natural horsemanship methods over the past couple of years, I’ve learned about all sorts of new ways to play with a horse without climbing into the saddle– from obstacle […]

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