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The return of Ginger!

The return of Ginger!

Do you remember Ginger, the cute red-and-white Brittany spaniel? She used to appear on my blog every now and then, but I haven’t blogged about her in quite awhile. Ginger is my parent’s dog and lives in Dallas with them. She and my mom go on lots of walks and she has a great time […]

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Tootie and the Terrible Twos? (video)

We recently brought Tootie back to the ranch. He’s growing up fast, I think he’s double the size he was at the end of last summer! He’s also getting a lot darker. He should be a lovely dapple gray when he sheds out this spring. Tootie has been handled since birth and he loves people–sometimes […]

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Clicker Training Doggie Zen (videos)

Ginger and I have been working on Doggie Zen, which is an exercise from Sue Ailsby’s training levels. Doggie Zen is a leave it type exercise. At the early stages, you teach the dog to ignore and leave alone a piece of food in your open hand. Later on, this evolves into more complicated exercises, […]

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