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patches, a calico shelter cat

Fun with Shelter Cats

Yesterday I spent the morning playing with some fun felines at our local animal shelter. Last semester, several of the guys I go to school with started a partnership through ORCA with our local animal shelter. They’ve been going out to the shelter several days a week, helping with training and also with everything else […]

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More Fun with Mouse Training

More Fun with Mouse Training

My mice have names now! The little black and white one is Dickens, the one who is almost entirely white is Jack, and the scruffy, long-haired, gray and white mouse is Oscar. A big thanks to everyone who suggested names on facebook, by e-mail, and in person. Also, I’ve been looking into getting the mice […]

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Luna Is An Awesome Pony!

I’ve known Luna for awhile now. She’s an adorable little fuzzy pony, almost entirely black, except for a small star (which is usually completely covered by her bushy forelock). She’s what people picture when they call the rescue, looking for a horse for their kids or grandkids. However, while she’s as cute as a button, […]

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two mice

Merry Christ-mouse!

Happy holidays to all my blog friends and readers! I hope you are having a merry time with your friends, family and animals. Santa brought Ginger, our dog, a new toy, which she is trying her hardest to destroy. The toy has already lasted almost 24 hours, which means it must be pretty durable! First, […]

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Houdini Learns to Step Up

Houdini is the little white mouse who I’ve had for about a week and a half now. You can read more here about why Houdini is my mouse escape artist. Houdini’s a pretty friendly little fellow. He seems to like to sit on my hand and is pretty curious and willing to explore. He usually prefers […]

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