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Setting up Optimal Training Sessions

There’s a video of mine that’s being passed around several training groups of what not to do during training. It’s one of my older videos, from when I had been clicker training for almost a year. I love taking videos, as I think they are great for improving my training skills. (In fact, videoing yourself […]

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Mouse Gets Her First Bath

I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit–I attended clickerExpo two weekends ago, which was fabulous, and then ended up with a bad cold last week. (Not enough sleep during clickerExpo–too many late nights chatting with new friends! I promise at least a few clickerExpo related posts in the next week or two, I learned a […]

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Playful Horses and Upcoming Posts

I’ll be finishing up my posts from the ORCA Art and Science of Animal Training Conference this week. (About time!, you’re probably saying.) Figure I need to get them wrapped up, as I’ll be attending ClickerExpo in Lexington in about 2 weeks and, well, I should have plenty to write about that! The weather here […]

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Tootie and the Terrible Twos? (video)

We recently brought Tootie back to the ranch. He’s growing up fast, I think he’s double the size he was at the end of last summer! He’s also getting a lot darker. He should be a lovely dapple gray when he sheds out this spring. Tootie has been handled since birth and he loves people–sometimes […]

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Tootie Targets

Tootie Targets

Eighteen month old Tootie is super smart, but also a super mugger when it comes to treats. I stopped working with him last Spring because I didn’t really have the skills to keep up with him (or his teeth!). We recently had our first clicker session in months. I kept him behind a barrier so […]

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