Dog treat review: Science Diet Soft Savories

Soft SavoriesLast month, Ginger and I had the opportunity to review some more yummy treats from The treats were Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories with Beef & Cheddar Dog Treats. The Soft Savories treats are a new line of treats that have recently been released by Science Diet.

Ginger really liked these treats!

I know I say that about a lot of the treats I write about on my blog, but there must have been something about the smell or flavor of these treats, because Ginger got very excited when I first opened the bag and even more excited after I let her try one of the treats.

We then spent some time practicing “stay” and “leave it” so that I could shoot a few pictures of Ginger posing with the treats. Usually, Ginger is great at these two behaviors because she knows she’ll get a few treats at the end when we are done. However, she had a bit of trouble with leave it because she really wanted those treats! She was still able to leave the treats alone, but I could tell from her body language that this task was pretty difficult for her.

So, Ginger definitely approves of these treats and is hoping that we’ll buy some more of them in the future once she finishes eating all of them!

Ginger practicing leave it with yummy treats on the ground

The one disappointing thing about these treats was their name. The treats are called “Soft Savories,” so I assumed that they would be a soft, moist treat. I’m always eager to try out new kinds of soft treats, because I’m always on the lookout for awesome treats that my clients or I can use during training sessions. Of course, I have a few favorites that I usually use, but it’s always fun to find a new treat that the dogs really seem to love.

However, these treats are a hard, biscuit type treat. Although Ginger really loved them, they go “crunch, crunch, crunch,” when she eats them and there is really nothing “soft” about them at all. So, they wouldn’t be ideal to use during training sessions. I found the name a bit confusing and I think that this might be potentially frustrating for people who order these treats online, thinking that they are a soft treat.

Ginger practicing leave it using clicker trainingGinger does get some biscuit type treats as part of her daily routines. For instance, she usually gets one in the morning for sitting politely and waiting to have her leash put on. (This is difficult for her and requires quite a bit of self-control. Ginger just loves her walks!) So, these treats have been great for that purpose, especially since Ginger seems to like them so much.

Science Diet’s new Soft Savories treats come in three different flavor options: Beef and Cheddar, Chicken and Yogurt, and Peanut Butter and Banana.

Ginger really liked the ones we got to sample (which were Beef and Cheddar), but I’d like to get some of the Chicken and Yogurt ones in the future, as I bet Ginger would also really like that flavor. Ginger’s a bird dog, so of course she usually really likes anything that is chicken flavored!

Have you tried any new treats recently that your dog really liked?

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