(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Handsome Logan

Logan is a service dog in training.
Visit his page for more information and to read all of my blog posts about him.

Logan the yellow lab is a service dog in training. Here he works on stay during a recent outing to the University of North Texas.

Isn’t Logan a handsome boy?

These photos are from a training outing on the UNT campus with my friend Jennifer. Logan had fun practicing his stay behavior while we snapped a few photos.

I have some big news. Logan recently headed back to Patriot Paws, the service dog training organization that is preparing him to be a service dog for a veteran with disabilities.

I can’t believe that Logan was with me for two months! The time really flew by.

When Logan first arrived, he sometimes struggled with leash walking and with staying focused, especially if there were lots of people around or if he was in a new place.

Our main goal was to get Logan more confident and less distracted when working in public. Since he has been doing so well, we decided it would be best for him to head back to Patriot Paws, where he can work with other trainers and see even more new things.

We’ve already received some updates, and Logan has been on his best behavior.

We have another pup who will be coming to stay with us mid-September. He also needs a bit of help with some current training issues that he is having. I’m looking forward to meeting him and sharing his training adventures on my blog.

Service dog in training at the University of North Texas

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Logan, a service dog in training, visits Starbucks

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