Wordless Wednesday: Clicker training with Shyloh

Shyloh has learned how to smile using clicker training
A clicker trained horse works on standing on a mat

One of my newest blogging friends is Allison, who blogs over at Adventures with Shyloh. Shyloh has learned quite a few tricks using clicker training. She loves to show off all her tricks, such as smiling at people. Allison sent me a few photos of Shyloh last week, after I remarked that I love to find cute training photos for my (almost) Wordless Wednesday posts. You can follow Shyloh’s progress on her blog, she’s working on lots of fun things right now, including mat work. In the photo below, Shyloh learned how to walk over a tarp while wearing her blinders using clicker training. What a smart girl!

Clicker training a horse to stand on a tarp

If you have a great training picture, I’d love to see it!
I’m always on the look out for fun photos to share on my blog.

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