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A Sunny Weekend

April is here, and with it, plenty of sunshine and bluebonnets in Texas! I’ll have to get some pictures for the blog, the bluebonnets are in full bloom here, as well as some of the other early wildflowers. I had a fun time yesterday playing in the sun with the horses. March was a whirlwind […]

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apollo-- rescued paint horse gelding

More Progress with Apollo’s Feet (video)

As I wrote about last week, Apollo is doing a great job learning to pick up his feet. This can be a challenging skill for some horses to learn–clicker training really helps! In just a handful of sessions, Apollo has gotten very comfortable about me handling his feet. I started by just running my hand […]

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2 muddy paint horses

Boomer and Apollo pick up their feet

It’s really starting to cool off here–it’s actually fun to be outside in the afternoon with the horses! The ponies and I had a great weekend. Boomer and Apollo (the two paint horses in the picture to the left) are doing AWESOME learning how to pick up their front feet for handling and cleaning. I […]

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apollo, chestnut paint colt

Halter Training with a Head Shy Horse

Apollo is a three year old paint colt who I have been working with at the rescue for the past several months. He had no previous handling and was pretty skeptical of people to begin with. He warmed up to us pretty quickly and enjoyed being brushed and scratched, especially on his belly!! However, was […]

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