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Flower’s not-so-fun Friday

Poor Flower had a pretty rough week last week! Flower is always my little adventurer; she goes non-stop and is always getting herself into trouble. However, when I got the rats out on Wednesday night, Flower’s back legs kept collapsing. Like Jell-O. And then after a few seconds, she would seem to regain her strength, […]

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clicker training puppies at a veterinary clinic

Wordless Wednesday: Smart pups!

Last week’s wordless Wednesday photo featured some Canadian school children who were learning about clicker training at a young age. This week’s photo is another group of lucky youngsters who are getting an early start learning about positive training. Veterinarian Tracy Johnson sent me this GREAT photo of a litter of pups who recently visited […]

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More Clicker Training for Medical Tasks

I’ve been corresponding a bit by e-mail with an equine clicker trainer from the UK, Hannah Dawson. That’s one thing I absolutely love about the internet, I can talk to people about training even though they might be an ocean away. Anyways, Hannah posted a video on her blog recently of one of her clients. […]

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Clicker Training for Veterinary Procedures

We’ve been talking a lot on facebook about using clicker training to teach your horse (or any other animal) to willingly participate in veterinary care. Many vet procedures, such as shots, wound care and even general examinations can be pretty frightening for a horse. Often the horse is not familiar with the vet and there […]

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