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There are SO many animal training books and DVDs, that it can be a bit overwhelming! In this section, you’ll find all of the book and DVD reviews that I’ve posted on my site. If you’re new to positive animal training and the science of animal training, I recommend starting with Karen Pryor’s book, Don’t Shoot the Dog.

The Blue Books

What questions will you ask in 2016?

One of my projects for this year is to read/re-read a behavior analysis textbook that is referred to as “The Blue Books.” I read large sections of The Blue Books during my time in graduate school, but I’ve never read the whole thing from cover-to-cover. I’m looking forward to reading the parts I haven’t read […]

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Book giveaway: Decoding Your Dog

I recently reviewed the book Decoding Your Dog on my blog. (You can find my full review of the book here.) This week, I’ll be giving away a copy of the book here on the Stale Cheerios blog. This is a pretty interesting book for anyone interested in dog behavior or dog training. There’s lots […]

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