Clicker training equines (Book review)

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Casey Jane in KansasYou may not know this, but I started out clicker training first with horses, not with dogs. I was living in Kansas at the time, and I had met a woman who was letting me ride and work with one of her horses, in exchange for a little bit of help around her property.

The mare didn’t really like to be ridden, and it was very hard (and sometimes impossible) for me to catch her in the pasture. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to do any riding or training if you can’t get within 50 feet of the horse!

About this time, I read Karen Pryor’s classic book, Don’t Shoot the Dog. (Here’s a link to my review of Don’t Shoot the Dog.) I didn’t really know anything about clicker training or positive reinforcement training, but it sounded like it might work, and I was out of ideas.

It took some time (and quite a lot of patience), but I was able to make friends again with the mare. Furthermore, I was amazed at how much she loved clicker training and how fast she was able to learn new behaviors using positive reinforcement.

A picture of the book "Teaching horses with positive reinforcement" by Katherine BartlettAt that time, I wish I would have had a copy of Katherine Bartlett’s new book, Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement. I’m a pretty detail-oriented person. I like having very thorough, precise instructions. In addition, I really like understanding “why” something works.

Katie’s book is all of this. It introduces horse owners to the basics of clicker training with clear instructions and plenty of good advice. For example, there’s a section on what to consider when choosing the first behaviors to teach your horse, a section on how to detail with errors and unwanted behaviors, and a giant section on food delivery (which is something that can cause a lot of unwanted behaviors in horses, if done incorrectly).

In addition, the book explains some of the science of positive reinforcement training. This helps readers better understand the recommendations in the book and also will help readers generalize the ideas in the book to other training situations.

Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement wasn’t available when I first started clicker training. But, it’s available now from Amazon as both a printed book and as an ebook. Earlier this year, I wrote a longer review of the book on my blog, which you can find here.

When I first wrote my review of the book, several people commented on Facebook that this book isn’t just for beginners. I would agree with that completely! The science sections and all the detail mean that even more experienced horse clicker trainers will likely find this book to be a useful resource.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about horse clicker training or if you have a friend who could benefit from a well-written book on the subject, I highly recommend that you get a copy of Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement by Katherine Bartlett.

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