ORCA: Great Minds Conference

ORCA, one of the organizations run by the behavior analysis department at the Univerisity of North Texas is sponsoring a conference on Friday on “The Art and Science of Animal Training: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?”

I was able to sign up to go cheaply, since I’m taking classes at UNT. They have a phenomenal group of speakers that they are bringing in, and I’m pretty excited. The group involves some of the top animal trainers in the country as well as people doing forefront research on animal behavior, animal training, clicker training and operant conditioning. I’ll get to hear Bob Bailey, Alexandra Kurland, Ken Ramirez and others. I’m going to be overwhelmed with interesting information, I’m afraid!

Here’s more information about the event, including information about the speakers and abstracts for their talks.

EDIT: 21 Mar. To read my notes and thoughts about the event, check out this post.

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