First Signs of Spring

Know what this is a picture of?


Horse hair! Lots and lots of horse hair!

It’s definitely Spring in Texas. We had some nasty rain last week, but it’s in the 70s and 80s this week and I think the warm weather is here to stay. Birds singing, flowers blooming, trees budding and horses shedding!

We gave two of the rescue horses, Shadow and Rosie, a good thorough grooming today because not only are they shedding, but they were also covered with dirt from rolling in the mud after last week’s rain. 

The horse above is Shadow–he’s 27 and was one of the first horses ever taken in by the rescue. Since he’s pretty old, he’s not for adoption. Shadow has a permanant home at the rescue for the rest of his life. He’s a friendly old guy and is happy as can be getting to live out his days grazing and eating in the pasture, getting groomed and loved on by friends and volunteers, and bossing around some of the other horses he shares a pasture with!

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