Ginger needs suggestions for new dog tricks!

Alright, I need your help! I’ve been trying to spend more time training Ginger this fall. I have a project I’m working on with her for school, but I also want to work on more fun tricks. Two weeks ago we started on leg weaves (which are getting pretty good now!) and last weekend I started to teach her to close the kitchen cabinet doors. (So she can be more helpful around the house!)

Here’s a few I’ve thought of to add to our repertoire–
Roll Over
Play Dead
Lick Your Lips
Cross Your Paws

So, what’s your favorite dog trick? Do you have any suggestions for fun tricks for Ginger and I to work on this fall? Trick training is great for Ginger and me. It’s good physical and mental exercise for Ginger. And it’s great for improving my shaping and training skills!

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