Halloween Celebrations

Lily the terrier mix showing off her clicker training tricks with a pumpkinWill you be doing anything this weekend to celebrate Halloween with your family and with your pets?

Last week, I shared some Halloween pet tips on my business website, Texas Animal Training. Unfortunately, Halloween can be a dangerous holiday for dogs and cats.

I hope you’ll check out these tips and share them with your online friends. They include lots of great ideas for how to help your dog or cat have a happy and stress-free Halloween. There’s even a link to some yummy looking pumpkin dog treats!

I’ll be celebrating Halloween this weekend by heading to northwest Arkansas for several days for an equine clicker training clinic with horse trainer Alexandra Kurland. I’m looking forward to it, as it has been several years since I have been to one of Alexandra’s clinics. I am planning to take lots of notes (and hopefully a few pictures) while at the clinic and will share them here on my blog and on Facebook when I return.

Alexandra’s clinics always give me lots to think about. At the last clinic that I attended with Alexandra (in 2102), we talked a lot about balance (clinic notes part 1), cues (clinic notes part 2), and happy horses (clinic notes part 3).

I’m excited to see what themes emerge at the clinic this weekend!

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