Introducing Logan the service dog in training

Logan is a service dog in training.
Visit his page for more information and to read all of my blog posts about him.

Logan sits for the cameraThis is Logan! He’s a one-year-old Labrador retriever, and he is in training to be a service dog. He is going to be staying with me for the next few weeks to work on his training.

(You can find all of my blog posts about Logan on this page.)

As many of you know, I am involved with an organization at the University of North Texas called ORCA. It’s a student organization that does research and community projects related to animal training. ORCA has a new partnership. We are working with Patriot Paws Service Dogs, a non-profit organization based in Rockwall, Texas.

Patriot Paws trains service dogs to help veterans with disabilities and PTSD. The dogs are provided to the veterans at no cost, even though it takes much time, energy, and effort to train each dog. Each dog learns more than 60 different behaviors, and it takes about a year and a half to train each dog.

Logan in his service dog vestThe training program has several different parts. Dogs spend part of their time at Patriot Paw’s Rockwall facility and part of their time living in the community with puppy raisers so that they can practice their training in a variety of different settings. As well, Patriot Paws has a program with a woman’s prison, where the dogs and the inmates get to learn lots of skills as they work together. Patriot Paws uses clicker training and positive methods with all of the dogs.

ORCA students will be serving as puppy raisers and helping Patriot Paws to train its dogs. We are really looking forward to this, as it is going to be a great way for the ORCA students to refine their training skills while learning all about service dog training. It is also a wonderful way for ORCA to give back to the community.

Logan the lab enjoys hanging out on the back porchSo, more about Logan. Logan already has had quite a bit of training. However, he can be easily distracted, especially in busy settings. When he gets distracted, it is difficult for him to stay focused, and he doesn’t respond well to cues, even for behaviors that he “should” know.

However, he is a very sweet boy and is very eager to please. He really loves being with people and seems to have a pretty calm, easy-going personality. Although he’s been with me only since yesterday, I can tell that he is a smart boy who picks up on new things pretty quickly!

Over the next few weeks we will be working on lots of different training exercises to help Logan become more focused when out in public and to help him learn to be 100 percent reliable on his cues, even when he is in a new place or when there are distractions in the environment. I’m looking forward to seeing how he progresses with his training!

You can follow updates about Logan here on my blog and also on my Instagram account.

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  • How exciting! I did my ABA coursework with UNT (online) and we have 2 mini service dogs at my center for children with autism and other special needs in Paris (France)! I am so excited to hear more about your new adventure!

    • Hi Alix,

      That is very cool that you did your coursework through UNT. I know they have a great online program.

      And how neat that you have 2 service dogs at your autism center! I’m sure the children really enjoy the dogs.



  • Welcome Logan and good luck with your training. I am sure you are going to make someone very happy one day

  • Nichole

    Logan is adorable! How exciting for you and him. Yay!

  • Pip

    I look forward to following Logan’s adventures. Patriot Paws sounds like a great organization. I love the idea of dogs helping veterans with PTSD. We have a similar program here where vets help train dogs who have been abused and neglected (and also suffer from PTSD).

  • Logan is going to make a great service dog! Can’t wait to see him learn, grow, and evolve over time.

  • ORCA and Patriot Paws Service Dogs sound like awesome programs! Logan is adorable and I hope he does well in the program.

  • Oh, Logan, you look like such a smartie! Good for you all, capitalizing on dogs’ amazing abilities to help others!

  • Logan is gorgeous, just look at those eyes so sweet. What a wonderful program they have in place. A friend of mine trains service dogs, I’m always amazed at the work these dogs do to serve an individual in need ?

  • What a fabulous program. Best of luck, Logan.

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    Logan is adorable! You’re going to share your focus training tips right?

    • Yes! I will share info on my blog about our training progress and adventures, including info about training around distractions and training for better focus.

  • What a great activity to be involved with. I hope Logan does well in his training.

  • Sally Payne Hummel

    Fantastic!! We have a similar program nearby, and I just love the placement of dogs free of charge to our vets! I’m going to love following Logan’s journey with you!!

  • It always makes me happy to hear about great organizations like Patriot Paws Service Dogs. I hope Logan makes lots of progress with you! I am sure you’re going to enjoy training him!

  • DIY Dog Mom

    Good luck Logan! I am sure you’ll do amazing!

  • Kia

    What a great organization to be apart of. I’m sure Logan and you will have a wonderful time together. Good luck to Logan on his training!

  • Cathy Armato

    How wonderful! I’d love to be a puppy raiser. I did a blog post awhile back on a friend of mine who takes pups from the prison program, Puppies Behind Bars, to socialize them on weekends. Such important work you’re doing! I look forward to following Logan’s progress.

  • Logan is a sweetie! Sounds like a great program!

  • Way to go in opening your heart and your heart for this adorable dog!

  • Colby

    Logan sounds just like Archer! I’m glad I found your articles on Logan as I’m sure I’ll find some great tips on how to better work with Archer. Archer is also very easily distracted when we go on outings.