Kiddos and Canines!

I’ll be helping out later this summer with a one week kid’s camp that will be all about pets and positive training! The camp will be held in July at Dog City Training Center in Addison, Texas (a suburb of Dallas). I will be one of three instructors helping with the camp.

I’ve always enjoyed working with kids. (I worked for three summers at a North Texas Girl Scout Camp while I was in college.) I’m really excited, as I think this will be a great way to introduce young animal lovers to the wonderful world of positive training. We’ve been hard at work planning the camp and I know the kids are going to have a great time. Here is a bit more info about the camp, from Dog City Training Center’s website:

DCTC is excited to open enrollment for our first ever Summer Camp dedicated to introducing young dog-lovers to the fun world of positive training! The goals of our Kiddos and Canines Summer Camp is to teach responsible pet ownership, strengthen the relationship between families and their dogs, encourage pride in service for and with animals, and to teach young people how to interact safely and positively with their own dogs and others.

Young trainers will be introduced to training methods that are positive reinforcement based and learn to use the methods of free-shaping, clicker training, and enriching training games! There will be hands-on experience for young trainers which will increase confidence and problem solving skills. Dogs will also learn basic but valuable life skills such as impulse control and attention!

During the week, campers will meet dogs with jobs like Therapy Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, and Agility Dogs! Young trainers will learn how to safely interact with their own dogs and others by learning about Canine Body Language. They will also learn what it takes to be a responsible pet owner.

You can learn more about the camp on DCTC’s website here. Also, there are a couple of spots still open, so if you know any animal-loving kids in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area, send them our way!

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