Lots of dogs (and clicker training)

I have a new job! I’ve been waiting to announce it on my blog, as I’ve been extremely busy getting settled into the new job and learning the ropes.

I’m working full time as a dog trainer and behaviorist for Pappy’s Pet Lodge, a Dallas-based company that provides dog boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and in-home pet sitting. So far, I’ve been extremely pleased with Pappy’s. They have a wonderful staff and lots of great clients. And, it’s evident that their clients are very happy with the services that Pappy’s provides. Pappy’s currently has five locations in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and will be opening a sixth location in December.

I still will be doing a limited amount of consulting and horse training through my own business, Texas Animal Training. And, of course, I will still keep posting articles and stories on this blog!

I will be offering a variety of dog training services through Pappy’s, including group classes, private training lessons, and in-home training. The great thing about working for a company that provides dog boarding and daycare is that they have a lovely, climate-controlled space where we can hold indoor group classes.

I’ve been with Pappy’s now for a little more than a month. Right now I’m seeing a handful of private training clients and teaching two basic manners group classes. The classes have been a lot of fun so far! I’m also in the process of dreaming up all sorts of specialty classes and fun classes that I plan to offer in 2014. I’ll share some about our training classes and programs in the months to come, so that you will know what I’m up to currently.

You can read more about Pappy’s and their training program on their website here. And, if you have friends in Dallas, Plano, Addison, or Richardson who are looking for dog training, I would love it if you could send them our way.

I’ve been pretty busy with starting the new job, which accounts for the lack of blog posts over the past month or so. But, now that I’m more settled in this job, I will be getting back to a regular schedule of 2-3 blog posts a week.

So stay tuned!

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