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clicker training with mocha the catahoula puppy

Wordless Wednesday: A cute (and smart!) puppy

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday This is little Mocha, a four and a half month old Catahoula puppy. The Catahoula leopard dog is the state dog of Louisiana. Mocha has been hanging out with me recently and participating in our Lodge and Train program at Pappy’s Pet Lodge. Besides being 100% adorable, Mocha’s also one smart little puppy. […]

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Henry and his new toy

Introducing Henry

I have a pup named Henry who is staying with me this week. I’ll be fostering Henry and working with him to help him learn lots of good behaviors. Henry is a cute little Chihuahua mix that belongs to one of our local rescue groups, DFW Pup Patrol. I met him because he spent some […]

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Mary Hunter and Ginger - edited2

Lots of dogs (and clicker training)

I have a new job! I’ve been waiting to announce it on my blog, as I’ve been extremely busy getting settled into the new job and learning the ropes. I’m working full time as a dog trainer and behaviorist for Pappy’s Pet Lodge, a Dallas-based company that provides dog boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and in-home […]

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