Michele Pouliot Seminar Notes

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to audit a two day seminar with dog trainer Michele Pouliot. The seminar was hosted by Dog City Training Center, in Addison, Texas. Michele is a very talented dog trainer who has won international competitions in the sport of canine freestyle. She also has worked for almost four decades with Guide Dogs for the Blind, training hundreds of guide dog teams.

Seminars are always a lot of fun, and this one was no exception! Michele really knows her stuff and it was wonderful to get to spend two days learning from her. I had a great time at the seminar and it left me with plenty of things to think about.

I took lots of notes during the seminar and last week I finally had the chance to sit down and organize my notes. I pulled out some of the most interesting tidbits of information from what we discussed, practiced, and learned during the weekend.

Dog City Training Center posted my notes on their blog yesterday, so hop on over to this page to check out my notes from the seminar. The notes cover a variety of topics, including “clean” training, strategic reward placement, the importance of planning, a bit about platform training, and when to move to higher value rewards.

I also posted recently about Michele’s “fifty dollar rule” and I have another short post or two that didn’t fit into my longer notes, which I’ll post on my blog this week. You can visit my conference and seminar notes page to find all of my notes from this seminar.

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