Online Equine Clicker Conference

Do you remember last fall, when I posted about the World Equine Clicker Games, an online training competition for horse clicker trainers, which was held in conjunction with the first annual Equine Clicker Conference?

Well, last year’s Equine Clicker Conference, hosted by Hannah Dawson Equine, was such a big success that they are doing it again this year in September. What’s even better is that the Equine Clicker Conference will be followed in October by a three week online conference, for all of us who can’t travel to England for the conference.

The online conference is going to be just super, I think. It will include access to videos of all of the presentations and demonstrations from the live conference. As well, there will be additional content produced just for the online conference, including lectures, question and answer sessions, podcasts, and more. The online conference will also include a forum, so that participants can ask questions and discuss the conference material.

If you’re not a “horse person,” I still encourage you to check out the program for the Online Conference, as you might still find parts of it quite interesting. Dog trainer Kay Laurence will be giving two presentations at the live conference (which will be available online) and Dr. Susan Friedman will be presenting a live webinar during the online portion of the conference.

I will be participating at one of their Online Conference blogistas, meaning I’ll be participating in the Online Conference and sharing what we learn during the conference, as well as my thoughts about it, through a series of blog posts.

For more information about registration, visit the Online Equine Clicker Conference membership page. The early bird discount for registration ends at the end of August, so if you’re interested in taking part, I would recommend signing up soon so that you can take advantage of the lower price.

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