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equine clicker conference

Online Equine Clicker Conference

Do you remember last fall, when I posted about the World Equine Clicker Games, an online training competition for horse clicker trainers, which was held in conjunction with the first annual Equine Clicker Conference? Well, last year’s Equine Clicker Conference, hosted by Hannah Dawson Equine, was such a big success that they are doing it […]

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photo by: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/24495423@N04/5075110405/">chris_hertel</a>

Clicker training a zonkey? (video)

First, you may be asking…. What’s a zonkey?! A zonkey is a hybrid equine — half zebra and half donkey. A zonkey looks a lot like a donkey, but with stripes. Hannah Dawnson, a clicker trainer from England, recently posted a video on her Facebook page of the latest additions to her barn, two zonkeys. […]

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around the round pen

Around the round pen

Recently I posted on my blog about protected contact. During protected contact training, the trainer and animal are separated by some sort of physical barrier. Protected contact can be a very helpful tool in certain training situations. I encourage you to read my recent post Why train with protected contact, for more information about when […]

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Are you ready for the World Clicker Equine Games?

This fall, Hannah Dawson Equine is hosting the first ever World Clicker Equine Games. The clicker games are a free online video competition where clicker trainers from around the world can show off what they have achieved with their horses using positive training techniques. The judging and awards will take place at the 2012 Equine […]

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