A Sunny Weekend

April is here, and with it, plenty of sunshine and bluebonnets in Texas! I’ll have to get some pictures for the blog, the bluebonnets are in full bloom here, as well as some of the other early wildflowers. I had a fun time yesterday playing in the sun with the horses.

March was a whirlwind of excitement. (I was so busy I only posted three times on the blog!) I had a great time playing with the horses during spring break and an awesome time at clickerExpo in Chicago. Now that it’s April, I plan to get back into a more regular posting schedule.

Above are three friends, all hoping for some of my attention! The bay paint on the left is Takoda, Apollo is the chestnut paint in the middle, and Beau is the black and white paint on the right. We have potential home for sweet Apollo, which should work out. This is very exciting–he has come a LONG way from the skittish, untouchable colt that he was when he first came to the rescue.

I spent a lot of time during spring break working the Beau, the black and white paint. He was severely abused at one point and is completely untouchable. I’ve been doing CAT with him (more info here) and he has gotten incredibly friendly. He will approach almost anyone now, follow a person around, sniff all over me, and just stand and hang out with people. I have started beginning to touch him just a bit on his cheek and neck and it’s going really well. Hopefully this summer we can get him to the point where we can halter him, trim his feet, and do other basic medical care. I have some more pictures and video of him from spring break, I’ll post more of his story as we continue to work with him.

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