Stale cheerios gets a little stale…

I’m back in Dallas now and am starting to recover from my whirlwind of a summer. I spent 13 fantastic weeks running the horse program at a camp for children and adults with special needs. However, the campers and horses kept me busy 24/7, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time for much else! Now that school is starting, I’ll have more time to keep the blog updated, play with the rescue horses and work on some more dog training.

The rescue where I volunteer acquired a handful of paint and quarter horses from Iowa this summer, many of them quite young. Here’s a picture of the three smallest ones, who are all still nursing. One’s an orphan, but one of the mares has adopted him. More pictures later, as they are adorable. (Click on the picture if you want to see a larger version of it.)

I’m taking a few classes in the Behavior Analysis department at UNT again this semester, including a class on autism, which should be interesting. Quite a few of our campers this summer had autism. Although I know a bit about autism from camp and from various books that I’ve read, I’m looking forward to really getting to study it in depth.

I’ll be putting some photos up over the next week or so from camp this summer, from our family trip to Toronto last week and some new photos of the rescue horses, so be sure to check back!

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