Wordless Wednesday: DaVinci and the ducks

My little friend DaVinci has been adopted!

He got adopted several weeks ago and has settled in very nicely to his new home. His new owners just adore him and get lots of laugh from all of his antics. And, he has two older canine siblings who are looking after him and teaching him good dog manners.

Most of his aggression and resource guarding behaviors are gone or greatly reduced, although they can still occasionally appear if he is extremely stressed or tired. His new owners have been following the training instructions that I have been giving them and have not had any major issues.

They have also started bringing him to one of my puppy manners classes. So, I get to see him every week and watch him as he continues to grow.

I thought you’d enjoy this picture that his new mom sent to me. He apparently was fascinated by these ducks. He does quite enjoy swimming…. I’m sure he was contemplating whether he should jump in after them!

Old English sheepdog puppy watching the ducks in a pond

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