Wordless Wednesday: Wildfires

I’m sure you’ve heard about the fires that have been raging through the western United States, through Colorado and several other states. These fires have burned thousands of acres and displaced thousands of people.

Not only are people affected by the fires, but animals are too. Horses, cattle, and other large animals are often victims in these fires because sometimes people have to evacuate so fast that there is no way to take all of their livestock with them.

Below is a very moving photo that has been making the rounds on facebook. The photo is from either fires in Colorado or Montana. (I was only given limited information about the photo.) Police and volunteers work together to herd a group of horses down a highway and to safety.

If you can, I encourage you to make a contribution to some of the organization that are helping provide needed supplies and care for both the animals and people involved in these fires. Several organizations that are helping with the relief effort are listed below. Even a small donation can help buy supplies to help the people and animals who have been displaced by these awful fires.

Help Colorado Now
Humane Society: Pikes Peak Region
All Breed Rescue and Training in Colorado Springs

Also, a BIG thanks to everyone who has given me suggestions and feedback on the “What is Clicker Training?” article that I published last week. I have received many kind comments so far, some good suggestions for tweaks for the article, and some great ideas for a few follow up articles. If you have friends interested in clicker training, I would love for you to share the article and then let me know what they think.

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