Life with rats (is always fun!)

My four pet rats, Georgie, Amy, Izzy, and Chloe, make sure that things are always pretty interesting around here! My rats have an insatiable need to explore, so they are always getting into something. They keep me quite entertained with their acrobatics and antics. Amy especially is my little rat adventurer and she makes sure that there is never a dull moment around my apartment. She’s appeared on the blog and on Youtube before when she’s gone exploring and demonstrated her awesome jumping skills. Amy is also quite a smartie and she recently learned to come running when I call her.

Below is a short video clip of some of Amy’s latest antics. Ever since she learned how to escape my rat play area, it’s been a back and forth battle between the two of us. She is certain that she needs to take over my entire apartment, while I am determined to find a way to keep her confined to only part of the house.

You might be thinking – why can’t I just close a door to keep her in one room? I live in an old 1920s house that has been divided up into apartments. Between the kitchen, living room and bed room, I have doorways, but no doors, which is why this has become quite a challenge! I really can’t let Amy have the run of the whole apartment. At first, I thought she might be okay running around the kitchen floor. However, she quickly figured out how to get into the kitchen cabinets!

My latest solution is two large pieces of plywood, one blocking the doorway from the living room to the kitchen and one blocking the doorway from the living room to the bedroom. Check out the video below to see just what Amy thought of the plywood.

Watch on YouTube: Amy is a SMART rat!

Although they do sometimes get into a bit too much trouble (Amy almost got away with stealing a piece of Halloween chocolate from my book bag last night) my rats bring a lot of joy to my life. And they are always doing funny little thing that make me love them and appreciate them even more. Whether they are dogs or rats, horses or cats, pets are great to have around. They can bring many smiles and much laughter into your home.

Today, November 19, is National Get a PAL for your Pet Day. Get a PAL for your Pet Day is sponsored by the P.A.L. campaign. If you’re not familiar with P.A.L., it’s a pretty cool campaign. P.A.L. stands for Pets Add Life. They promote responsible pet ownership, raise awareness about spaying and neutering pets, and encourage people to adopt pets from shelters and rescue groups. You can find out more about P.A.L. on their website or Facebook page.

The purpose of National Get a PAL for your Pet Day is to encourage people to consider adopting additional pets. Most pets love having a friend and many people enjoy having multiple pets. Currently, there are thousands of homeless pets waiting to find their forever home. So, if you are considering adding an additional pet to your life or you have friends who are considering this, please adopt! You can check out petfinder to find homeless pets of many different species in your area.

Also, as part of National Get a PAL for your Pet Day, P.A.L. is donating $10,000 to help shelters in need. How cool is that? They just recently announced the winners on their Facebook page, and the winners are National Mill Dog Rescue, Rocky Ridge Refuge, Animal Aid of Vermillion.

I hope you enjoyed the video of Amy’s latest adventure. I’d love to hear about the funniest or craziest thing that your pet has done recently. You can always leave a comment on this post or contact me by using the blog’s contact form. I look forward to hearing your stories!

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.

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