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Amy goes around a brick

Amy goes around a brick

Amy the rat is learning how to walk around a brick, as you’ll see in the video below. Although walking around a brick might not seem too difficult, this is actually a pretty challenging behavior. Amy had previously learned to stand on top of this very same brick. So, when we first started working on […]

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amy ipad

Amy goes high-tech (video)

I’ve started teaching Amy to use my iPad! Actually, this is really a project I started on about two years ago. In 2011, I worked some on teaching Ginger, my parent’s dog, to use my iPad. Although she did learn to touch a square button on the iPad, we never really progressed past that point. […]

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Happy Anniversary

Last weekend marked the one year anniversary of when I adopted my three SPCA rats. The girls (Amy, Chloe, and Izzy) got a small dish of chocolate cake on Monday to celebrate and I was able to capture some fun photos of them chowing down. Rats love sweets and they were quite happy to get […]

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national get a pal for your pet day

Life with rats (is always fun!)

My four pet rats, Georgie, Amy, Izzy, and Chloe, make sure that things are always pretty interesting around here! My rats have an insatiable need to explore, so they are always getting into something. They keep me quite entertained with their acrobatics and antics. Amy especially is my little rat adventurer and she makes sure […]

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