How many rats can you fit in a Kleenex box?

How many rats can you fit in a Kleenex box?

Apparently, three rats!

Here’s just a fun picture from yesterday. I went to check on the girls and all three of them were curled up in a Kleenex box together. They do all three fit, although I will say that they look a bit squished.

That’s Amy on the bottom, looking at the camera. Chloe is lying on top of her. Izzy’s in the way back of the box, so you can’t see her at all. They have plenty of nice places in their cage to sleep, but sometimes they enjoy curling up all together.

Of course, I was only able to snap one quick photo, because as soon as they saw me, they had to come check and see what I was doing. Whatever time it is, they always think it’s a good time for a treat or two!

My rats are always good for a good laugh. They are always up to mischief or doing something silly like this! They really are fun little critters to have around.

This week is my last week of classes, so things are pretty busy at school. Amy and I did not have much time last week to work with the iPad, but we plan to do some more iPad training once classes are over for the semester.

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