Happy Anniversary

Last weekend marked the one year anniversary of when I adopted my three SPCA rats. The girls (Amy, Chloe, and Izzy) got a small dish of chocolate cake on Monday to celebrate and I was able to capture some fun photos of them chowing down. Rats love sweets and they were quite happy to get a bit of cake!

Here are some pictures from last year, when I adopted the SPCA girls. They have been very fun rats and I’m sure I’ll have even more fun with them in the months to come.

Amy (black and white) is the troublemaker of the three. She is full of energy and thinks that she always has to be in the middle of everything! She’s quite a smarty and has been fun to train. One of her favorite tricks is to come running when I call her name.

Izzy (grey and white) had some health problems this past winter, but she seems to be doing well now. She’s the one in the photo above and the one in the first cake photo, just below this paragraph. Izzy is the most laid back of the three. Chloe (agouti and white), the third one of the bunch, is very curious, although not quite as wild as Amy. She also is such a shoulder rat! Chloe is not crazy about being held, but she would ride around on your shoulder all day, if she could.

In the photo below, Izzy (on the left) and Chloe were arguing over who should get to eat a little piece of cake. Izzy had it originally, but Chloe decided it looked MUCH better than the rest of the cake in the dish! Chloe got it eventually, and Izzy had to go get herself another piece. Silly rats.

Here’s Chloe picking up a big piece. Rats will usually pick up a piece of food and then go find a nice quiet spot to eat it. They will also often stash food in their nests for a snack later on, but cake is much to good to save for later!

Here’s finally a picture of Amy, licking up some of the last crumbs. She kept taking pieces of cake into a cardboard box. She thought it was a good spot to nibble on cake. However, because of that, I wasn’t able to get very many photos of her.

And finally, Izzy says, “Can we have some more cake, please?!”

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