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Zohar with his bits and bobs

Wordless Wednesday: Fun with clicker training

Happy Wednesday! The wonderful horse above, Zohar, belongs to one of my facebook friends, Carol Robertson. (The photo is used with her permission.) This photo is a great testament to the power of clicker training and positive training methods. Zohar initially absolutely hated having his skin touched, because of a medical problem with sarcoids. He […]

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Slow and Right beats Fast and Wrong

Here’s a video I found recently that I really like. The video is of a gal named Lindsey and her mustang Breezy. The horse is a mustang yearling who was captured in Nevada. The video is titled “first 90 days of horse training.” Usually, when I find videos titled “the first x days of training,” […]

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riding cheyenne 2

Going Backward with Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a young paint mare at our rescue who I have recently started riding. She had about three rides last fall and a handful more during my winter break. Just recently we’ve had two short, but great, rides working on backing up with a rider. Up to now, Cheyenne and I have worked on […]

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blossom walking over the cavaletti

Awesome Blossom on the Obstacle Course

Blossom is one of the fillies I have been starting under saddle this summer at the rescue. This video (from earlier this week) shows her playing on our obstacle course. She has interacted a few times with most of these obstacles while doing ground work. However, this was her first time doing this with a […]

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