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Breakfast in Bed for Gatsby

Gatsby says “Why stand up to eat breakfast when you can lie in your breakfast?” What a lazy boy! Gatsby and Connor (the big palomino) went to their new home yesterday. Dawn had a friend who was interested in Connor. When she came out to meet him, she fell in love with Gatsby too! He’s […]

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Connor’s Second Short Ride (with video)

Here’ a short clip of Connor’s second ride, from last weekend. At this point, we’ve only walked around bareback in the round pen, so I’m still not entirely sure how much previous training he had before coming to the rescue. I think he must have had a fair amount of training at some point. He […]

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Connor, a good looking palomino gelding

Connor Goes for a Second Ride

I rode Connor, our good looking palomino, for a second time over the weekend. He did really nicely, a lot better than last Thursday. Several of you have asked for more details about what I’ve been doing with him. I have two longer posts I’m working on, one about some of the specific exercises I’ve […]

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Apparently I Sell Mustangs?

Here’s an e-mail I got yesterday. It’s obviously spam, but it gave me a good laugh. Unfortunately, I’m all out of Baby Horse (Mustangs) right now, so Chris is out of luck. We do have a lot of great rescue horses who are looking for homes, but I don’t think most scammers are actually interested […]

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Connor Moves Faster with Smaller Steps

It seems a bit counter-intuitive. If we break a training task down into more steps, it should take longer. However, the opposite is usually true. Smaller steps can get us to our goal quicker and often result in better quality behavior. This came in handy several weeks ago when we picked up Connor from the […]

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