Breakfast in Bed for Gatsby

Gatsby says “Why stand up to eat breakfast when you can lie in your breakfast?”
What a lazy boy!

Gatsby and Connor (the big palomino) went to their new home yesterday. Dawn had a friend who was interested in Connor. When she came out to meet him, she fell in love with Gatsby too! He’s a sweet, silly little pony (a lot like Tex) so she’ll have fun with him. It will be a good home for both of them.

It’s good for the rescue too, as we were limited in the horses we could turn out with Connor. (Since he was only recently gelded, he was inclined to fight with a lot of our boys.) Now that he’s gone, we can redistribute the horses in the back pastures so that the numbers are not nearly as lopsided. We opened the gate between two of the pastures yesterday. (See the picture below.) There was much running around and frolicking. It was close to 70 yesterday and the horses were having a great time running and bucking. It was a good day to be a horse!

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