Apparently I Sell Mustangs?

Here’s an e-mail I got yesterday. It’s obviously spam, but it gave me a good laugh. Unfortunately, I’m all out of Baby Horse (Mustangs) right now, so Chris is out of luck. We do have a lot of great rescue horses who are looking for homes, but I don’t think most scammers are actually interested in buying horses.





My name is Chris Gardner, and i would like to Order some of your Baby Horse (Mustang) also i will like to know the types you have in stock……so kindly get back to me with the price and also wants to know the form of payment that you accept and i would proceed with payment, Moreover this is for a Pick up so kindly get back to me with the price on the Baby Horse (Mustang) Only and we would proceed from there, Thank you and Hope to hear back from you.

Chris Gardner

In other news, today was a good day with the horses, I’ll post a longer update over the weekend. I sat on Connor, the palomino we rescued about a month ago. The jury is still out regarding how much previous training he has had. He is willing to tolerate a lot of things that we ask, but he drags his feet and says “I’d rather not.” He needs to review of a lot of the basics, so that he can learn to respond softly and willingly. I think he has probably always been told to do things, never asked. However, with some more ground work and miles this spring, he should develop into a really nice riding horse.

I also rode Tex for about half an hour. He did great! We used five cones in the round pen to work in a star pattern for ground driving and then riding. He really likes riding from point to point. I think that having a physical goal of where he’s going really helps give him a sense of purpose.

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