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Zohar with his bits and bobs

Wordless Wednesday: Fun with clicker training

Happy Wednesday! The wonderful horse above, Zohar, belongs to one of my facebook friends, Carol Robertson. (The photo is used with her permission.) This photo is a great testament to the power of clicker training and positive training methods. Zohar initially absolutely hated having his skin touched, because of a medical problem with sarcoids. He […]

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luna meets the hay ring 3

Letting Curiosity Work For You

These are some pictures from last summer that I just ran across. I know they are old, but I’m still posting them because I LOVE them! Most horses are naturally VERY curious. Especially if they are given the time and space to explore something new. Horses get scared when we force them to interact with […]

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a formerly untouchable horse gets petted

Gracie makes more progress

Kirsten captured some great pictures over the weekend of Gracie and I interacting. I’m petting her in most of these, but the way my body is turned, you can’t really tell. I just love how calm, relaxed, engaged and curious she looks in all of them. She is definitely a different horse from last November! […]

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young pony trailer loading

Tex Practices Being Brave

The weather was perfect this weekend for playing with the ponies at the rescue. I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday working with Tex, one of our two year old ponies. He’s friendly and halter-broke, but really hasn’t had a whole lot of training. Tex was absolutely TERRIFIED of people when we first […]

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