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Rat agility A frame 2

Rat agility, coming soon!

I’ve made my rats an A-frame! If you’re not familiar with dog sports, an A-frame is a type of obstacle that is commonly used in dog agility competitions. The dog has to run up one side of the obstacle and then down the other side. The yellow portion is called a “contact.” When going up […]

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a picture from last fall. Ginger sitting attentively watching me, and waiting for a treat.

Ginger gets a gold star!

Well, not really. If we gave her a gold star, she’d probably eat it.  But, we are really proud of Ginger because she passed her pre-agility level 1 class Monday night! The last time I wrote about our training classes, I had just increased our reinforcers from measly dog treats to hot dogs and string […]

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