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Skinner pigeon long duration quote

Hard working horses?

I have been catching up on the Equiosity podcast, which is a collaboration between Alexandra Kurland and Dominique Day. In Episode 49, Alexandra tells a story from when her horse Robin was very young. At the time, Alexandra had been working with Robin on many different things using clicker training. However, she had often been […]

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Do I have to treat every time I click?

A recent discussion arose on a forum as to whether or not it’s best to delivery a treat (or other form of primary reinforcement) every time we click when clicker training. Part of the discussion stemmed from the fact that eventually, we want to fade out those treats. Random treats are more interesting and besides, […]

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Hoof Handling and Forgetful Training

I have been working on picking up Sebastian’s feet. Teaching a horse to let you pick up their feet is an important skill so that you can pick out their hooves and so that the farrier can trim their feet. When teaching this, I like to start with one front foot, then once that is […]

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