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two mice

Merry Christ-mouse!

Happy holidays to all my blog friends and readers! I hope you are having a merry time with your friends, family and animals. Santa brought Ginger, our dog, a new toy, which she is trying her hardest to destroy. The toy has already lasted almost 24 hours, which means it must be pretty durable! First, […]

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Houdini Learns to Step Up

Houdini is the little white mouse who I’ve had for about a week and a half now. You can read more here about why Houdini is my mouse escape artist. Houdini’s a pretty friendly little fellow. He seems to like to sit on my hand and is pretty curious and willing to explore. He usually prefers […]

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My Mouse Escape Artist

I have a new friend. He’s a little white mouse who I’ve named Houdini. The name’s appropriate, he is quite the escape artist! Houdini is just a plain little white mouse who was meant to be snake food. He was even given to a snake and (we think) the snake tried to snatch him, as […]

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When do I start clicker training?

Can all horses be clicker trained? Does the horse need to know anything before we start clicker training? Can clicker training work for shy, scared, abused or aggressive horse? This is a revised version of something I originally posted on the clickryder yahoo discussion group. (Message number 80910). Some horses aren’t ready for clicker training. […]

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