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More Fun with Mouse Training

More Fun with Mouse Training

My mice have names now! The little black and white one is Dickens, the one who is almost entirely white is Jack, and the scruffy, long-haired, gray and white mouse is Oscar. A big thanks to everyone who suggested names on facebook, by e-mail, and in person. Also, I’ve been looking into getting the mice […]

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Setting up Optimal Training Sessions

There’s a video of mine that’s being passed around several training groups of what not to do during training. It’s one of my older videos, from when I had been clicker training for almost a year. I love taking videos, as I think they are great for improving my training skills. (In fact, videoing yourself […]

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When do I start clicker training?

Can all horses be clicker trained? Does the horse need to know anything before we start clicker training? Can clicker training work for shy, scared, abused or aggressive horse? This is a revised version of something I originally posted on the clickryder yahoo discussion group. (Message number 80910). Some horses aren’t ready for clicker training. […]

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