Rat Clicker Training Success! (video)

This weekend, I’ve (finally) had some success with clicker training the rats. I was having a lot of trouble at first with keeping Georgie in one place long enough to have a training session.

She’d run off, crawl up my arm, or wander over to explore something. However, we’ve made a handful of changes and finally found an arrangement where she could focus on me and the session.

Currently I’m teaching her how to get the food and what the sound of the clicker means. She’s pretty much got the hang of it, so hopefully this week we can start doing some shaping and really training.

I plan to write more about some of the early difficulties we had, as well as the steps I went through to train her that the clicker meant come get a treat. For now, enjoy this short video of Georgie!

Watch Georgie Learn About Clicker Training on Youtube

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